About us

Law firm Vukina & Partners Ltd. was established as a successor to the Law office Vukina which continuously operates with seat in Zagreb from 1993. Thanks to the experience acquired, its expertise and specialization of its employees, our law firm has gained recognition in providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal advice and representation services. We are dedicated to providing services tailored to the needs of our clients and always strive to offer to-the-point and efficient legal advice.

With a view to providing services of the highest quality in a range of fields of law, our team is committed to continuously acquiring new knowledge and regularly follows all changes which might influence our clients’ businesses. Our employees are very internationally oriented and many of them undertook education abroad. As a result, they are dedicated to following European and international legal sources and practice. Our law firm provides services in Croatian, English and German, while two of our attorneys are also certified court interpreters for English language.

We are committed to providing comprehensive services of legal consulting and representation in commercial, civil, land registry and labor law, as well as enforcement and insolvency proceedings. We advise and represent our clients in financial transactions, crediting, insolvency and restructuring matters as well as drafting of financing contracts. Furthermore, we have acquired significant experience in conducting due diligence of legal entities from various industries, where based on our expertise and experience in various legal fields and specialist knowledge of our employees we pursue to identify all the risks a potential transaction might present to our clients.

Over the years, we have gained specific knowledge and experience in the area of intellectual property law, the development of which we continuously follow. IP matters where we regularly represent clients include registration of trade marks and designs not only in front of Croatian authorities but also the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Guided by business mindset and aware of the value and market advantage intellectual property creates, we pay special attention to its commercialization.